Swankyz “Good Goods” Fine, Artisans, and Master Craftsmen!

Robin Serrano

Two-Track Mind ~ Lake Michigan Beach-Glass


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After years of beach-combing the shores of Lake Michigan for beach-glass, I built quite a collection!    (more Images)

Olga Hotujac


~Olga Hotujac

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I enjoy painting with techniques that use both a palette knife as well as a brush, to create multi-layered oil and acrylic paintings in both impressionist and classical styles. In my work with glass mosaics I design original custom scenes. (more Images)

Jim Lothary

 Hawksglen Carvings

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I do realistic carvings of trout, pan fish, song birds, ducks, turtles, frogs, otters, owls and other critters that live near my log home. Besides woodcarving my other interest is fly-fishing so I am regularly traveling to Ludington where my wife’s family is residing. (more Images) 

Rachel Griffen

 Artist- Acrylic Watercolortruck_original

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 I was always a shy kid that felt more comforted in being alone with my brushes and paints or other arts then in social settings. When I am not painting or working as a Registered Nurse, I usually wake early to run above the sunrise and take in the mornings with my Labrador Retriever, Boston.  (more Images) 

Ivette Dixon

 “Love Smitten Designs”


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I do hand crafted designs created to express a unique sense of style inspired by the beauty and nature that surrounds Michigan and crafted designs created to express a unique sense of style inspired by the beauty and nature that surrounds Michigan. (more Images)  

Randy Becky

Beckys Kountry Kitchen


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Food is my passion, cooking from the young age of 12 . Growing up my grandmothers taught me how to preserve jam and jellies and bake pies and breads. At age 16 I was training under a couple of excellent chefs. Owning my own small family style restaurant in the Quaint Little Village of Blissfield Mi. We make all of our jams and jellies from scratch. What I do, I don’t consider a job, it’s an art and a craft, and that is what makes it worth doing, enjoying it while I do it.  (more Images) 


Christine Chubenko

Mi Map llc ~ Michigan Apparel Company


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I knew that Mi Map LLC apparel absolutely had t“Click Image to Shop” o be made in Michigan. I mean really. After many calls, I found a local company named New Horizons Rehabilitation Services, Inc. and I was ecstatic to see that they were capable of cutting, sewing and packaging the mittens. This apparel company started out as “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” and quickly morphed into “We will manufacture clothing here. We will assist those who need our help. None of us got here without help! We are proud of our state. We are one of a kind.” I plan to create more than just mittens. there are a number of other items that are waiting to be made but I had to start with the most obvious product. A mitten. Stay tuned…I have more merchandise a brewin’!  ~ Christine ** Mi Map® LLC donates 10% of its net income to Michigan charities that help the homeless and families in need, both in the Upper and lower peninsulas.  (more Images) 

​Patty Roby 

Jezebel Treasures 


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 Wooden Signs & Art  I learned my love of crafty things from my parents. Mom did a little of a lot and Dad made things from wood. I’ve gotten very lucky to have found a wonderful man that is willing to help me with the things I can’t do alone. Life is good, and I hope my love of life shows in my offerings.  (more Images) 

Ruthie Kiefer 

” Pezpet “

Collars, leashes, toys, for your furry friends!


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 This all began with the adoption of a bundle of joy that has endless energy. His name is Jack and he is now a whopping 75 pounds and just over a year old. Jack has been my partner in this endeavor and has tested and approved of all the dog products offered. Since Jack is a good looking pointer, I wanted him to be stylish when we’re out so I decided to make fun and affordable dog collars and leashes that I could change with the seasons. All of my Hand Made Dog collars are constructed using high quality hardware, heavyweight interfacing and durable fabrics. Curved buckles offer a comfortable fit at the neck. Re-enforced stitching at all stress points I hope you find as much joy as Jack and I have…Happy Playtime, Ruthie and Jack!  (more Images) 

 Bethany Kersjes

Owens llc Healthy / Homemade Dog Treats


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Originated in Grandville in 2011 to help serve the local dogs healthier treat options, specifically dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. She now has 6 unique homemade dog treat recipes, All dog treats are made with human grade ingredients including wheat flour. No artificial preservatives or chemicals.  (more Images) 

Annie Russell

Artist that showcases the art and other loved items of Northern Michigan.


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Annie is first and foremost a Mom and Wife, her people help to ground her and keep her sane. It’s probably quite a job but they do it swimmingly!  Having always been an ‘artsy’ sort, Annie was far from accomplished in her school years-in fact, she managed to fail every art class she was enrolled in and was summarily sent to the shop class. Learning to use a lathe was her artistic crowning achievement of her middle school years! It was as a young mom that art began to really take a front seat in her life. While her ‘real job’ was as a bistro manager- which played just above starvation wages-her heart yearned to provide her newborn daughter with a beautiful nursery. With a hand-me-down crib and a rocker and dresser scavenged from the roadside, a soft sky blue nursery set emerged complete with a summer cloud motif…..And so it began….. Northern Visions is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Charlevoix County. Annie, with the help of her husband, creates One-Of-a-Kind hand-painted home furnishings and Original Prints show-casing Northern Michigan.  (more Images) 

Joy Fett-Purseglove

Mi Moments of Joy Photography


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  Life through the eyes of a Manistee photographer, who enjoys life, nature, family and friends.  (more Images) 

 Theresa Slaughter


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Slaughter the Potter – a potter for 15 years working in stoneware as well as porcelain, very unique one of a kind works of art.  (more Images) 

Daphne Anderson

“Alternate Ending”


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New gifts made from up-cycled and re-purposed material, hand painted furniture, truly one of a kind items.  (more Images) 

Craig Soderstrom

“Northwood Cabinetry”


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A custom cabinet shop located in Michigan specializing in custom handmade cabinets and furniture.  (more Images) 

Melora Theunick

Handmade Leather Goods


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“The Bag Lady” – Custom Made, Handmade, Michigan Made Leather Bags, Purses, Totes, Backpacks & More!  “I started working with leather when I was only 15 at a local commune. I first worked with heavy leather and made lots of belts and hats and backgammon boards. I later started working with garment leather and designing purses. I now have over 40 styles of purses, handbags, backpacks, satchels, etc. in my line. I enjoy custom work and will work with you to make the bag of your dreams. I do alterations and zipper replacement, and have sewn very thing from buttons to boat covers. I truly enjoy my creations and hope that you do as well.”  (more Images) 

Wayne Janicki

Grandpa Wayne’s  Antler Art & Rustic Creations Manistee Mi


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Uses Natural Antlers and Horns From Sheds Only!  (more Images) 

Click here for more info on Sheds

Christine St. John

{image coming soon}

Classy Glass Glassy Art Paintings

I was born in Pontiac Michigan and moved with my family to Wellston Michigan when I was three years old. The natural beauty of the local flora and fauna appealed to me even then.

I began drawing and coloring as a child, using comic strip charters as models. My introduction to water colors, oils, and acrylic paints came in art class at Brethren High School my art teacher was very supportive and encouraging.

Acrylic paints remain my favorite medium and most of my pieces have been for family and friends. I’ve applied painting to recycled bottles and found a satisfying calling. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!

 Judy Fry

UD ~ Clay sculpture artists


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All my pieces are hand-built, I tend to use mainly low fire clay’s because I love color and I find the most colorful glazes are designed for these clay’s. I am inspired by nature and the spirit. I have always had to create, whether by clay, painting, wire, it doesn’t matter it feeds my soul. Each piece is sent with love and joy with the hopes of bringing smiles to you.

Blessings to you ~ Judy Fry  (more Images) 

Steve Kimm

“World Class Photography “

{image coming soon}


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